Cruising the Mediterranean – The Taucker Travel Blog


The Mediterranean Sea is thought to be the birthplace of Western civilization – and although we think of it as “one destination,” it’s actually comprised of 11 seas, surrounded by 22 countries spanning three continents. The name conjures images of sparkling azure waters and golden sand, providing access via small ship cruise to some of the world’s most sought-after destinations including Malta, Sicily, France, Spain, the Amalfi Coast, Croatia, Greece… We’ve curated a few documentaries for more on the vast history and cultural influences in the Med – and some information about three of our most popular cruises exploring the breadth, from Greece and the Aegean (Treasures of the Aegean) to the Adriatic (Venice & the Dalmatian Coast) & the Mediterranean Sea (Treasures of the Mediterranean Isles).

Join us for a look at a few of the historical and cultural influences provided by the great expanse of the “Mediterranean”: