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by Kate Stephani. When your audience is bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day, how do you break through the noise? Marketers are struggling to find ways to activate, engage and maintain customers in 2022, but AI is available to help.

CMO Council and MoEngage recently came together for a webinar diving into the different nuances of AI as it pertains to relationship management, marketing messaging, and agility in the ever-changing digital ecosystem. One of our speakers, GE’s Bob Park, said it best: “Engagement is like walking through a market. Everyone has their products they’re attempting to sell you, with a lot of voices and a lot of white noise. If you’re doing engagement right, you’re cutting through that and creating compelling content that brings people to your “market stall.”

Customer loyalty goes beyond great customer experience. It can be narrowed down to simply capturing and maintaining their attention. With competition always biding for your customers’ attention (and dollars) and the concept of brand loyalty diminishing year over year, cutting through the noise and finding ways to make meaningful connections with your customers is key to sustaining them.

AI is crucial for helping marketers cultivate and maintain these authentic connections. Although it may sound counterintuitive, AI enables marketers to “follow their hunches” as MoEngage’s Ehren Maedge puts it. “AI allows marketers to use their intuition, and have it backed by data to make predictions about what’s actually going to happen.”

Charlie Kaplan of Audiomack echoes this sentiment and adds, “Getting clear on your objectives, then determining what your measurements for success are first later allows you to focus on understanding the metadata available to you about your customers.” The issue isn’t that there isn’t enough data available on our customers, it’s understanding what data to use. Customers are willing to exchange personal details in exchange for a better customer experience, but it all comes back to leveraging AI to create a memorable, personal and seamless experience.

In today’s everchanging marketing landscape, befriending AI is your brand’s best bet for surviving and thriving.

Source: CMO Council.


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Kate Stephani is CMO Council Content Manager and Editor of Marketing Magnified.


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