Online Poker vs. Video Slots: what should a beginner choose?


Do you have friends who brag about gambling wins more than once and now you are going to try your luck in a casino? The main point here is which game to choose, especially if you have never tried a hand in virtual gambling before.Most often, the choice will be between live casino card games and video slots. What should beginners prefer?

Poker: features briefly

Any online casino, no matter land-based or online, is impossible to imagine without Poker. Its gambling table occupies one of the central places in any game house. It is not surprising that most of the players choose Texas Hold’em or Omaha for real money entertainment.

First of all, Poker is a card game conducted by a dealer. In the case of a land-based room, to start playing you should choose a certain Poker table and decide on the size of the bets. For online casino players, there is a great option – live Poker with a real dealer.

As a rule, Poker is won by those clients who know how to play wisely, using winning strategies. To achieve success here, experience and skill are highly matter. If we talk about the level of RTP, online Poker has average odds, unlike, for example, Blackjack, where players win more often.

Slots: features and benefits

Bright, colorful, fantastic, and so easy to play – it’s all about video slots. Slot machines are incredibly popular today, both among beginners and regulars. Given electronic machines are based on a special software where everything is solved by a random number generator. And so, it is impossible to predict the outcome, but it is easy to play such games, even for a person without experience.

Features and advantages of slots:

  • In slots, the player is not tied to a single machine. He can change the game whenever he wants.
  • The gameplay is simple and clear: the player makes a bet and presses the Spin button. Then everything falls out by chance.
  • Even a beginner can win in slots, since you don’t need to think much or use special strategies when playing.
  • As for emotions, slot machines are a much more spectacular event for most players than, for example, card games.

Poker and slots key difference

The main difference between Poker and slot machines is that nothing depends on the gambler when playing a slot. When you play Poker, winning almost entirely depends on your skills and efforts. This is possible because Poker is not only a gambling fun, but also an intellectual game.

What game is better for a newbie?

Poker or slot, what should a beginner choose? Both options are suitable for a player who has decided only to have fun in the casino, without the need for a mandatory win. But if you don’t want to risk money, and even wish to make money on gambling, first play slots. Such games are less risky and easier for novice players.