Your Checklist to Start a Juice Bar on a Low Budget


Despite the past, uncertain years, the industry of juice bars continues to expand in terms of growth and revenues. The year 2021 had a profound impact on every part of the economy. However, things have changed, and today, you have industries booming like never before. The juice bar industry has grown by 2.5% annually in the last few years. Hence, it shows the sign of a slow increase but a steady one. Devoted customers flocking to their preferred juice bar try to get unique juice blends unavailable in the groceries. Hence, it takes a lot of preparation to get this business going. You must bring several areas under your consideration and proper planning to ensure that the firm remains on track.

Choose Your Layout

First and foremost, when starting your juice bar, you must select the setup before opening the restaurant. The restaurant’s design depends on the target customer, location budget, and business goals. Whether you will be serving fresh drinks from a cart or truck, this is a vital area to deliberate. Along with this, whether you will be going for a brick-and-mortar locale, what will be the overall layout, these are other important areas that you cannot explore.

You can go for dine-in, counter-only, and window-only formats. Let’s take these in detail:

  •   Dine-in: The dine-in format furnishes customers with the alternative to take the juice and enjoy it at the location. The design includes outdoor or indoor seating, where you see the customers ordering at your counter.
  •   Counter only: Coming to the second layout, which involves no chairs and tables. You possess a counter serving the juice; for this, you need a remote location.
  •   Window only: In the window-only arrangement, customers order and get their juice through several windows or a single window on one side of the counter.
  •   Juice truck: These days, juice trucks have become a popular option for these bar owners. These push carts or food trucks allow agencies to reach a largely untapped audience.

This alternative will work when starting a juice bar business with Clean Juice.

What is Your Business Plan?  

The business plan plays a vital role and works like your valuable resource. Whenever you are opening a new business, you need a road map. The business plan must have every detail about your resources, target audience, business strategies, etc. You must devote time to writing a thorough entrepreneurial plan, outlining the current standings, a prognosis, and an action plan.

Whenever you think of initiating a business, you must have the resources in hand. You may take the help of financial institutions and get the loans sanctioned. Also, you must decide on the correct location because that plays a significant role. After obtaining the necessary restaurant permits and license, you are all set to initiate your juice bar. Design it in a way to make it look attractive to the visitors.


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