Would you rather get a Nuggets championship or a new Broncos coach?


We’ve been patient, Mr. Kiz Claus. We’ve suffered enough here in Nugz Nation. A championship would be oh-so-sweet. Leo Messi wasn’t even born when the Nuggets jointed the NBA, and it took him five World Cup tournaments to kiss that trophy. Let this be the year for Nugz Nation, Santa Kiz. We’ve been good.

Mike, stocking hung

Kiz: After the Nuggets beat Portland on Friday night, guard Jamal Murray gave voice to your fondest desire. Asked if he had a sense of what this team can accomplish, Murray replied: “I do … We want to get to the Finals and win a championship.” While the Celtics and Bucks look to be the top two teams in the league, there’s no reason Denver can’t come out of the West, take its chances in the Finals and hope for the best.

All I want for Christmas is a new Broncos head coach, a Nuggets title, an Avs repeat and a new Rockies owner.

Josh, making a list

Kiz: A man has got to have priorities. So here’s what I want to know: How should we rank your Christmas wishes, in order of importance to the happiness of Denver sports fans. My thoughts? No. 1, Nikola Jokic wins a championship; No. 2, Dick Monfort sells the Rockies; No. 3, Broncos replace Nathaniel Hackett, and No. 4, the Avs hoist the Cup in back-to-back seasons.

I’m not greedy. For Christmas, I just want the Broncos to give the worst draft position possible to the Seattle Seahawks.

Brian, not bitter

Kiz: No, you can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, well, you might find …

I want a golf simulator for Christmas.

Michael, wannabe folk singer

Kiz: Well, I’ve got an old VHS tape of “Caddy Shack” collecting dust in the basement. Would you settle for that? Or would you rather get nothing and like it?

Before spending $100 million to upgrade Empower Field at Mile High, I think franchise ownership, the Metropolitan Football Stadium District and the NFL should consider the fans and the current economy’s impact on them. Maybe a rebate to season-ticket holders would ease their pain. Take half the proposed $100 million, divide it by 76,000 seats and you get a bit more than $650 per season ticket. During a bad season like this, a rebate would lessen the highway robbery that pro sports emboldens. The accountants, tax attorneys and investment bankers wouldn’t be happy with this plan. But, hey, we fans aren’t happy, either.

Tony, season-ticket holder

Kiz: While I like the way you think, how ’bout we go ahead and get a fancy, new video board in the stadium for that $100 million, but have quarterback Russell Wilson buy every family in Colorado a Christmas ham in appreciation for the football pain and suffering he has put us all through?


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