Would the Avs have been wiser to pursue Marc-Andre Fleury as their goalie?


Did the Avs give up too much by trading three draft picks for New York Rangers backup Alexandar Georgiev, when they could have gotten a same-tier goaltender (Ville Husso) with a single third-round pick?

Mike, Denver

Kiz: Well, it’s hard to imagine St. Louis would’ve traded Husso to a division rival. While the staff here at Kickin’ It Headquarters applauded saying goodbye to Darcy Kuemper. the addition of Georgiev echoes the Avalanche’s past moves for Semyon Varlamov and Philipp Grubauer. If Joe Sakic was going to apply another Band-Aid to the position, might it have been bolder to acquire 37-year-old Marc-Andre Fleury, a three-time winner of the Cup? I’m guessing “Flower” would’ve been intrigued by joining the ‘Lanche instead of returning to Minnesota on a two-year, $7 million deal.

So you’re just gonna take a cheap potshot at the man who just won general manager of the year and built one of the most dominant Stanley Cup teams of all time? What’s next, a column on how Russell Wilson isn’t the answer for the Broncos, when we could have had Baker Mayfield?

F.F., Las Vegas

Kiz: I’ve witnessed Sakic lift the Cup as a player and exec. I’ve seen him kick my tail during an Orange Theory workout in Nashville during this playoff run. So I’ve got a long history, with nothing but respect for Super Joe. Doesn’t mean I shy away from challenging him. We both play hard and shake hands at day’s end.

A one-legged Husso with my poor eyesight would be better than Georgiev.

Mikael, flying Finn

Kiz: I’m certainly willing to give G-man a chance. But if Sakic pays him a penny over $2.75 million per year, it’s too much.

USC and UCLA leaving the Pac-12 Conference for the Big Ten is about more than football. What about the soccer, volleyball and lacrosse teams? They will be traveling from coast to coast. When do the athletes go to class and study? Fans in the Twitterverse only see football, but there are more balls involved in conference sports.

Dee, Johnstown

Kiz: The NCAA should get out of the big-time football business, because football at Alabama and Ohio State stopped being about college a long time ago.

So it would seem that you’ve been right all along, Kiz. The Buffs had no business joining the Pac-12 Conference, and with the departure of USC and UCLA, the conference is now toast. Mountain West here we come!

Michael, burying the Pac-12

Kiz: After Nebraska dumped CU and left for the Big Ten, the Buffs couldn’t find anyone in the Pac-12 to become a rival. In need of a friend, maybe the Buffs should kiss and make up with the CSU Rams.

The Nuggets backup center is the Broncos right tackle in an alternate universe.

Kris, sports metaphysicist


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