Would the Avs be wise to trade for Patrick Kane or Jonathan Toews?


I think a repeat by the Colorado Avalanche is a definite possibility. The Avs are now familiar with the grind it takes to make it through an NHL season and the playoffs. But will they stay healthy? And do they have enough muckers and grinders? We’ll see.

Bruce, Denver

Kiz: The most daunting aspect of hoisting the Stanley Cup in back-to-back seasons is the physical and psychological challenge of playing nearly 200 hockey games during a 21-month span. The Penguins and Lightning, however, have pulled off the repeat feat since 2016. So the Avs know it’s possible. But I suspect new general manager Chris MacFarland will have to recreate the trade magic we’ve seen performed by Joe Sakic in order for the Avs to have the juice for another deep playoff run.

Acquiring Patrick Kane at the trade deadline will put the Avs over the top.

Skonsella, Denver

Kiz: If the Avs want to target a fading star from the Chicago teams that won three championships from 2010-15, my vote would be for Jonathan Toews to play center on Colorado’s second line.

When they have the rare opportunity to win multiple championships, pro athletes should take a decent salary, like Nathan MacKinnon and Tom Brady have done, to win more, rather than seek the most money and circle the drain for the rest of their careers. Watching documentaries about Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter gives one an opportunity to understand what it takes to win multiple championships. You may not like how these athletes operated, but you have to respect their results.

Stan, Fort Collins

Kiz: Meaning no disrespect to the merits of good sportsmanship, but MacKinnon and Jordan show us that champions obsessed with winning are often sore losers you probably don’t want to be around in defeat.

Sorry, but new Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. So far, I see very bad plays being called. This makes Russell Wilson look worse than what he’s capable of doing. It goes back to general manager George Paton, who hired Hackett.

Richard, poking the bear

Kiz: Can Hackett hack it as coach of an NFL team? The clock is running and my guess is Hackett will have no more than two seasons to prove he’s the right man for the job in Denver.

The Broncos made a huge mistake signing Wilson to a $245 million contract extension. Clearly he isn’t worth it. He is 33 years old and washed up. He should have just retired. Even with Wilson, the Broncos will not make the playoffs. In two years, the Wilson deal will go up in flames.

Tony, flame-thrower

Kiz: You might need to simmer down, Mr. Hot Take. I’m supposed to be the Nattering Nabob of Negativism around here.

And today’s parting shot advocates for cheering in the press box.

The older you get, the meaner you are, Kiz. Do you ever have anything positive to say about the Broncos? Some positive support would go a long way toward improving the environment around them. Give the rookie coach a chance.  We’re not all as perfect as you think you are.

Ruthann, sweet and upbeat


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