Woman wonders how to nicely repel gym rat – The Denver Post


Dear Amy: I am a very active woman.

I go to the gym and do cardio and weightlifting four to five times per week.

I have done this since my late teens.

Recently a man at the gym has begun making small talk. He tells me his age, kids, marital status, etc., and has begun asking me questions and commenting on my beauty and body.

I am not interested in him, but don’t want to be rude.

I enjoy the peace my workout brings to me. For this reason, I wear earbuds to keep from being disturbed, but this has not deterred him.

He is getting worse and is constantly invading my space.

Is there a nice way to get this pest to leave me alone?

— Working Out

Dear Working Out: The way you have phrased your dilemma is the stereotypical way that women often respond to encroachment: “How can I respond to this without being rude?” “Is there a nice way to get this pest to leave me alone?”

Some people respond to non-verbal cues (leaving in your earbuds, conveying through your body language that you are not interested in conversing, etc.).


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