Woman wants her folks to share her dream


Dear Amy: I’m a financially independent 27-year-old woman. I work in the beauty industry. My parents do not support my career advancement and skill development.

I need to move and leave my current job, but I will not jump ship until I have something else lined up.

I attend conventions and trade shows to make connections in the professional world, learn new skills, and keep up with current trends.

It’s an investment in myself. My parents express their disappointment and call my efforts a waste of money — and dangerous.

I can’t understand why.

Recently, I was very down because I had to cancel a three-hour trip to a skills development show. I’d spent weeks preparing.

My parents said I should be happy that I saved money by not attending. They refuse to acknowledge this as a lost opportunity.

I’ve suggested counseling for them, but they don’t believe in it. I can’t keep stalling my career to appease their comfort.

I’ve expressed what I need from them. I only want moral support. They refuse.

If I have to hide my interest for professional growth, I don’t know how we’ll be able to maintain a close relationship.

They’re getting older and live a few hours away.


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