Will padding record lead to Heat padding roster? – The Denver Post


Q: Report: Miami Heat looking forward to more crappy wins against more crappy teams as they pad their record leading into big trade-deadline acquisition. – Jay.

A: Which I still believe is better than not padding the record. But I’m going to take this in a bit of a different direction. I’m not sold that the Heat have the personnel and financial wherewithal to make a “big trade-deadline acquisition” on Feb. 9. But I believe by – in your words – padding their record, they could be better positioned for an acquisition at the March 1 buyout deadline. That is when veterans in the final year of contracts on lottery-bound teams will be looking for playoff-level landing spots. So you win, you entice, and perhaps you bolster your roster without having to part with players, prospects or picks.

Q: Victor Oladipo and Duncan Robinson are the X-factors for the Heat. Oladipo on defense is amazing and Duncan can spread the floor for Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. With these two in the rotation, I believe we will be in a beautiful place pretty soon. – Jurgis, São Paulo Brazil.

A: With Tyler Herro and Caleb Martin having moved into the starting lineup, the Heat’s bench play certainly could use a jolt. It will be interesting to see how such minutes will be distributed with Victor Oladipo playing closer to his former self and with Duncan Robinson showing signs of revival. If those two can keep up their recent play, it could prove game changing in both the rotations and in, well, games.

Q: Did Gregg Popovich tank? – Eric.

A: It did seem a bit premature for Gregg Popovich to be pulling players in an 11-point game with 2:48 remaining Saturday (the Heat did not reciprocate until two minutes later). But have you seen Victor Wembanyama play? So the Spurs lost and settled into a last-place tie in the Western Conference, well aware of what happened with David Robinson and Tim Duncan in the lottery.



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