Will Heat have issues making the money work after Tyler Herro extension? – The Denver Post


Q: The Heat sign Tyler Herro, so who gets traded this season, and who gets traded before next season? Are Kyle Lowry’s days with the Heat numbered? – Joel.

A: Actually, Kyle Lowry’s contract will be expiring during the same season that Tyler Herro’s extension kicks in (2023-24). So it basically means money in for money out. The real issue is what to do with Duncan Robinson’s contract, considering that Max Strus becomes a free agent in July. What will be difficult is yet another significant deal while Duncan’s contract is still on the books. And now, without Tyler available as a trade sweetener, it will be even more difficult to move Duncan’s money.

Q: Glad to see the Tyler Herro extension is signed, didn’t want to see this issue hanging over the entire season creating a distraction. Seems like a good amount, good for him and good for the team. Bring on the season. – John, Ocala.

A: Oh, it’s definitely a good amount for a player yet to emerge as a fulltime NBA starter. It will be interesting to see if the needed defensive upgrade arrives over the course of the contract. And there still will be distractions, including the Duncan Robinson contract mentioned above, as well as if Victor Oladipo now comes to feel he is being squeezed out.

Q: I am a fan of Tyler Herro’s game, so I’m happy the Heat extended him. At just 22, Herro has plenty of time to grow, both his game and his frame. Now that Herro is not trade eligible till next year, do you think the Heat with its remaining assets can put a package together that can bring in a player that can make them into a championship contender this year? – Carlos, West Park.

A: It would appear unlikely, considering the lack of remaining trade chips. I’m not sure what Duncan Robinson’s contract and draft picks get you in this NBA economy. Perhaps that changes when Victor Oladipo and Dewayne Dedmon become trade eligible at midseason.



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