Widower tries to win over new love’s daughter


Dear Amy: I lost my wife to cancer over 10 years ago. I was devastated.

Later that same year, I met the new love of my life, “Laura.”

Two years ago, I moved in with Laura and her adopted daughter “Maura.”

It took Maura a few years to warm up to me even a little bit.

Now that the three of us live together, she is at least tolerant of me, but I am frustrated that she won’t let me be any closer.

Laura and I are semi-retired and Maura is an adult (40’s), and only works when she feels like it, which is fine by me.

We are all self-sufficient.

When the three of us are together, Maura will engage with me, but whenever I am alone in the house with her, she avoids me entirely.

I have gone to great lengths to gain her trust and to let her be her own person, but I am saddened that she only interacts with me as if to please her mother.

Her mother has questioned Maura to see if there is anything she finds upsetting about me, but she won’t answer.

Laura adopted Maura at a very young age and raised her as a single parent.


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