Why didn’t Broncos hire Eric Bieniemy instead of Nathaniel Hackett?


Nathaniel Hackett has to go. Like Josh McDaniels when he was with Broncos, Hackett isn’t ready to be an NFL head coach. What would you think about grabbing offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy from the Kansas City Chiefs? He interviewed for this vacancy, but it seems general manager George Patton was set on Hackett, because Paton was living the fantasy that Denver was going to lure quarterback Aaron Rodgers away from Green Bay. Well, that didn’t happen and now we have a coach that can barely coach the team out of the tunnel.

David, judge and jury

Kiz: Far be it from me to pat myself on the back, but my suggestion for Broncos coach was Kevin O’Connell, who now has the Vikings in first place with a 3-1 record. But here’s the deal: Whether it’s O’Connell, Hackett or Bieniemy, it’s always a mystery how smart a bright NFL assistant will look when he must take all the responsibility (and blame) of being a head coach. It’s obvious Hackett wasn’t ready. How much time can the Broncos afford to give him to figure things out?

Yes, 1,000 times to your idea, Kiz. Find a way to hire Sean Payton! The Broncos are very unfortunately stuck with quarterback Russell Wilson at his scorched-earth cost, but not “Huggy Bear” Hackett. Can the Broncos fire him now?

Polly, agent of change

Kiz: The Saints retain the rights to Payton’s contract, which runs through 2024. So the question is: How much would Denver be willing to trade to acquire him to coach?

Bye-bye, Broncos. I have been a fan all my life. I couldn’t sleep after the loss to Indianapolis. This five-week nightmare won’t end. Fans were running for the exits before the game even ended.  All the energy and oxygen from the Mile High city disappeared from the stadium. The offense is on life support.  “Hack-It” says they need to find their rhythm. The chart show cardiac arrest.

Rod, Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Kiz: In addition to Broncos fans fleeing early for the exits, there were nearly 5,000 no shows, which seemed unusual to me for a game so early in the season played on a beautiful autumn evening in Colorado. Methinks the peeps in this dusty old cowtown are sick and tired of bad and boring NFL football.

The trade results are in. For unloading Wilson, the general manager for the Seattle Seahawks looks like a genius. He should win G.M. of the year.

Don, early voter

Kiz: Everybody that’s ever had a grievance with Wilson is now bashing him for everything from quoting the Bible to marrying Ciara.

The Broncos have become the Rockies. They both give big contracts to has-beens, talk a great game and stink on the field.

Thomas, bummed out


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