Why Calvin Bassey arrived Anfield 10 minutes late ahead UCL clash


Calvin Bassey reportedly arrived late at Anfield ahead of Ajax Champions Leagie game against Liverpool.

The Super Eagles defender who recently joined the Dutch champions, Ajax arrived 10 minutes later than the rest of the squad on purpose.

Calvin Bassey who revealed that he almost gave up on his dream of playing football at 15 has gone on to achieve remarkable feats.

“I remember well, I was 15,” Bassey told a Dutch website.

“It was summer and I didn’t have a professional club. In those years I played in London for various amateur teams and played a lot of street football.

“For me football was everything. My mother insisted that I should do my best in school, that was my future. I did, I followed all the lessons with interest, but once I got out of school I grabbed the ball and I was on my way.

“I had already resigned myself to the fact that that opportunity would never come again. I decided to focus even more on school and to stop playing football at a club, until that summer suddenly a message came from Leicester City that they had seen me play and they wanted to give me a chance. That took a radical turn. Finally, my dream of becoming a professional football player came closer.”

Since then he had played in the Europa Cup final, wom trophies with Rangers and secured big money move to Ajax.

And when he had the chance to fulfil one of his childhood dreams of playing in the Champions League in one of the biggest stadium he had to let it in.

“Calvin Bassey arrived on the Anfield pitch 10 minutes later than the rest of the squad, completely on his own, to take everything in,” said @ZiggoSport


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