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Hi Parker, the Broncos can’t really be considering trading Bradley Chubb, right? It feels like that outstanding defense would collapse without him due to the depth of the edge position. Would be a different story if Randy Gregory and Baron Browning were healthy. Who would you consider trading, if anyone? Thanks.

— Brandon Brown, Rogers, Minn.

Hey Brandon, by the time this gets posted online, the deadline is going to be getting close. Chubb has reaffirmed the kind of talent he is now that he’s fully healthy, there’s no question about it. I don’t think it’s the kind of move George Paton will make because of the health status of other players, though. It’s going to be tempting to take a first-round pick if one is on the table. However, signing Chubb to a long-term deal – or at least franchise tagging him and seeing if a deal comes together down the road – also must be enticing. The long-term potential of a group featuring Chubb, Gregory, Browning and Nik Bonitto is not one many teams in the NFL have at their fingertips.

Not to get too long on the answer, here, but this is part of where the new ownership group is going to get put to work on the football learning curve very quickly. Denver’s got cap room this year still – quite a bit of it, in fact – and the best way to get a couple of potential high-dollar deals done like, hypothetically, Chubb and defensive lineman Dre’Mont Jones, is to include big signing bonuses that can be spread out over the life of the contracts to control the cap numbers. Owners willing to commit to big cash outlays can use this “cap over cash” approach and, obviously, the Walton Penner Family Ownership Group has the cash. They’ve given a bunch to Russell Wilson already. Now let’s see, whether it’s around the deadline or in the offseason, how aggressively they deploy it across the roster.

Why can’t the Waltons just write a check and hire Sean Payton? Also I think our record would be 5-2 if Drew Lock was our QB.

— Tim Monroe, Kingston, Idaho

Hey Tim, thanks for reading. Not sure I agree with your Lock take, but Geno Smith? OK, we don’t need to go down that rabbit hole.

The answer to your first question is a simple one: The Saints still own Payton’s rights through 2023, so any team that wants to hire him is going to have to trade with New Orleans for him. And as we know, the Broncos only have five picks in 2023 and no first- or second-rounders. Are you trading Chubb and others to stash picks to trade for Payton? Or mortgaging more premium picks in the future for him?

In baseball, when the ball clunks off an infielder’s glove it is often called a hit. In football if the ball clunks off a receiver’s hands into the hands of a defender, it is called an interception. How logical is that?


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