What will it take for Denver to upset Kansas City?


Parker Gabriel, Post Broncos reporter

The Denver Broncos have scored 166 points in 12 games this season, last in the NFL. Kansas City has scored 350 points, best in the NFL. The Chiefs are the North Pole and the Broncos are the South Pole, and only one spreads holiday cheer. The other is just a barren ice sheet.

Even still, they’re going to play 60 minutes of football Sunday here in Denver and the Broncos, entering as two-score underdogs, will try to put an end to a 13-game losing streak to their division rivals. How’s that for selling the excitement? The Broncos have scored three touchdowns in four games since their bye week. The Chiefs have scored three touchdowns in a half six times this year, including twice in their season opener. Travis Kelce himself scored three in a half against the Raiders in October.

Denver’s defense is good (second in the NFL in points allowed per game at 17) and their secondary has talent, so, guys, what keeps Denver close on Sunday? Holding Patrick Mahomes and company to 17 in the first three quarters?

Kyle Newman, Post Broncos reporter

It will take some miracle from the football gods, in conjunction with a pregame/first-half injury to Mahomes, for underdog Denver to stun the Chiefs. Both of those things need to happen, not just Mahomes being sidelined — remember, that occurred a couple years ago at Empower Field, when Mahomes hurt his kneecap and left the game in the second quarter. Kansas City still won 30-6.

Mahomes, who is 9-0 with 12 touchdowns to four interceptions in his career against Denver, will be extra hungry after suffering a narrow 27-24 defeat to the Bengals on Suunday. The Chiefs are now seeded second in the AFC behind the Bills, so they’ll have plenty of motivation to start a series of wins to close the regular season with a beatdown of their little bro, the Broncos.

The Broncos’ defense, no doubt angry after squandering their gem in Baltimore last week by allowing a last-minute, game-winning TD drive by the Ravens, will keep it close. For awhile. In the end, expect a blowout.[cq comment=””

Sean Keeler, Post sports columnist

1. Field goals being worth eight points instead of three. But only for the home team.

2. The Broncos being spotted a 10-0 lead at kickoff.

3. The Broncos being spotted seven more points to start the third quarter.

4. Russell Wilson plays with a red “no-contact” jersey, and the Chiefs are forced to honor that no-contact demand for the duration of the game.

5. The Chiefs play with seven men on defense while the Broncos are allowed their full complement of 11 on offense.

6. Hail.

7. Kansas City can only rush the QB after the entire defensive front has completed counting to “3-Mississippi.” In unison. Loudly.

8. Martians landing on the roof of the Chiefs’ hotel at dawn Sunday morning, flipping on a giant tractor beam and using it to kidnap Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce for nefarious probing purposes.

9. Locusts.

10. If Bane, or any other villain from the “Batman” movie franchise, somehow intervenes.


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