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The coin market allows users to purchase different digital assets. There are hundreds of digital assets in the crypto space, each focusing on a different utility. Because they focus on different use cases, these coins behave differently under the same conditions – especially during the bull season. While you’ll find certain coins doubling their value in a bull season, others will fail to make substantial gains. That’s why you must decide what to buy among the various options.

The 2022 crypto crash is nearing its end, and the bull market is imminent. This piece will review top crypto alternatives and what you should expect from them in the incoming season.


When Decentraland was introduced to the coin market many months ago, many experts and traders were skeptical about what to expect from the project. From the onset, it was clear that this cryptocurrency had close ties to the Metaverse. It’s one of the projects that were launched to support the development of the Metaverse.

Today, this platform allows users to purchase digital plots of land from this virtual universe. Like when you purchase land in real life, users will be allowed to develop their digital plots of land and add improvements to them. After developing the land, you may choose to keep it in your possession or sell it at a profit. There are a limited number of digital plots of land available on Decentraland. As the number gradually reduces, each plot’s cost is bound to spike.

Users will spend MANA tokens on developing their digital plots of land. Also, users can add a wide variety of in-game items to their digital land. The Decentraland is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, users can rest assured about the security of its architecture.


Elrond is one of the crypto gems yet to reach its potential. As a result, many things are expected from it in the next bull market. When Elrond was created, its developers intended to create a crypto token that seamlessly processes multiple transactions. This project exists as a blockchain and cryptocurrency blockchain. Elrond serves as a decentralized protocol allowing users to access decentralized applications. Because of the speed of this network, many developers will enjoy using this platform to design their applications. EGLD is the main currency of the blockchain. You can purchase EGLD directly from the blockchain or on several crypto exchanges worldwide.

Elrond can provide users with a flexible blockchain because of its proof-of-stake mechanism. This cryptocurrency blockchain will support different projects. It’s also capable of processing transactions quickly and cheaply. Elrond can process as many as 15,000 transactions per second. The blockchain can fight congestion because six new blocks are added to the decentralized protocol every six seconds. Elrond relies on adaptive sharding technology to ensure that this blockchain is scalable and affordable for developers and crypto traders.  Because of how it operates, Elrond can process its transactions for as low as $0.001.

Big Eyes Coin Goes Viral

All the meme lovers in the coin market are currently fixated on Big Eyes Coin. The project has gained plenty of traction in the past few months. More users have learned about the coin’s desire to transfer wealth from the crypto space into the hands of users. The cryptocurrency developers are concerned about giving back to the community. That’s why they have adopted a community-driven approach for the architecture of their coin. Every member of the Big Eyes community will be responsible for its growth.

Big Eyes has gained plenty of attention from the right quarters. Recently, there was a Twitter meme war between Big Eyes Coin and Tamadoge. During this brief exchange, Big Eyes quickly established that it was a meme coin that meant business and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Since then, Big Eyes Coin has exploded and made over $4m. Stage 4 will soon begin at which point there will be a 25% increase in the price of BIG. There are still millions of Big Eyes Coins up for grabs, and you can join the BIG bandwagon by clicking the presale link below.

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