Was loss to Lakers the Heat’s worst of the season? – The Denver Post


Q: This is almost as bad as the losses to the Spurs and the Pistons. – Rick.

A: Worse. This one came at a time when the Heat finally appeared to have found their footing, The possibility of a 4-1 trip was there for the taking. Momentum was being built. And then the Heat reverted to a some-of-the-time team. What the loss to the Lakers does is reignite the debate about this being a mediocre, middle-of-the-pack, run-of-the-mill team, nothing more.

Q: The NBA game today, guys switch so much and sometimes for no reason that the big guy for the Lakers, Thomas Bryant, constantly ended up with Tyler Herro or Kyle Lowry on him for easy baskets all night. And the Lakers knew they’d get the switch. Shake my head. – Douglas.

A: On one level, totally agree. Yes, Bam Adebayo is more than capable of defending on the perimeter on switches. But this is a team already playing without a true power forward, so there is no second line of defense. Opponents practically chase that switch, which is why the Heat have played more often in a drop coverage this season. But, and here’s the caveat, when you have nights when the Heat’s wings can’t keep their men in front of them, exactly what options do you have? The blow-bys against Tyler Herro, Victor Oladipo and Kyle Lowry were relentless. So Erik Spoelstra tried to switch it up. It’s almost as if he had to go to Plan C, of which there seemingly is none.

Q: The problem with the Heat is that sometimes the coaching staff is too conservative. Dewayne Dedmon should be benched and Orlando Robinson should be the primary backup. – Gordo,

A: Neither showed much against the Lakers. And Orlando Robinson’s below-the-rim game has its limitations. What would help is having a true power forward that you occasionally could move up to center. Instead, the Heat is a team of centers and small forwards across the front line.



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