Warm Monday leads off even warmer week


Denverites will need to find ways to keep cool this week as temperatures reach the low 90s almost ever day.

This week is expected to be hot and dry, but a weak early morning cold front will slightly lower Denver’s temperatures Monday, giving residents a chance to prepare for the hotter weather ahead.

Monday’s high is still warm, though, with a high of 88 degrees, but the cooling effect from the cold front will stabilize conditions and diminish any chance of rain or storms.

For the rest of the week, high temperatures will be at 92 degrees every day, and the dry conditions are expected to continue.

Tuesday and Wednesday have slight afternoon storm chances.

Wednesday’s storms over the mountains could move into the Interstate 25 corridor in the evening, and the highest threats from those storms will be strong wind gusts 50 mph or more and hail up to one inch in diameter.

The Cameron Peak and Calhan burn areas will have a limited flash flood warning on Wednesday as well.

The hot dry conditions could also raise the fire dangers in parts of the plains toward the weekend as those above-normal temperatures continue.


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