Warehouse worker wants to clock out


Dear Amy: I recently started a new job at a warehouse that employs thousands of people. Due to this, when the shift ends there’s always a long line of people waiting their turn to punch out.

However, without fail, there are always multiple people who will cut into said line to punch out ahead of the rest.

I’m having a real hard time not getting angry or upset about this, especially after working more than eight hours.

What can I say to myself, or what kind of mentality can I adopt, to get over this?

— Bothered

Dear Bothered: You’ve asked about adopting a new mentality, versus acting out or going to management.

Recently I’ve been studying “equanimity,” which is described as an “evenness of mind,” especially under stress.

Equanimity is a state of not only acting calmly, but of actually feeling calm.

Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron describes ways to practice equanimity, outlining a situation analogous to yours — sitting in heavy traffic, while people cut ahead of you.

This can be seen as an opportunity to practice your calming skills.

After your shift, you can say to yourself: “OK, here they come. Here are my ‘teachers,’ butting in line. Don’t mind me. I’ll be hanging out here, quietly practicing my equanimity and improving my life.”


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