Want coach Nathaniel Hackett gone? Frustrated Broncomaniacs can vote with their feet.


Among all the football sins coach Nathaniel Hackett has committed against Broncos Country, there are few worse than this atrocity: He has replaced the passion of Raiders week with apathy, making it just another game on the NFL schedule.

“Somebody’s got to win this game,” Hackett said Wednesday.

But it doesn’t mean Broncos fans have to show up for it.

Want Hackett gone? Vote with your feet.

A large number of no-shows in Empower Field at Mile High will speak loudly to new Broncos ownership as a vote of no confidence in the rookie head coach who has turned Russell Wilson into the most boring quarterback in the league.

Will Broncomaniacs stay home on a sunny November afternoon, rather than take the opportunity to boo Las Vegas coach Josh McDaniels, now taking the same sledgehammer to the Pride and Poise he once wielded to wreck the Orange and Blue?

The number of no-shows could well be a more compelling measure of how far this franchise has fallen than the final score of a game in which Denver will try to halt a five-game losing streak against duh hated Raiders.

But know what might be a more unseemly sight than 15,000 no-shows for a franchise that prides itself on fan loyalty through thick and thin, as well as rain and snow?

A large swath of silver and black cut into the soul of Broncos Country. In years past, we have allowed an unfriendly takeover of the stadium to paying customers who wear Chiefs or Steelers jerseys. But local die-hards wouldn’t dare sell their tickets to Raiders fans, would they?

“I sold mine to a Broncos fan, but I truly don’t care which fan base they are from any more,” Drew Stone, a frustrated Broncomaniac, told me via social media. “The games and the fan experience are joyless. I can at least make some cash.”

This dusty old cowtown grew into a major-league city, blossoming in a love affair with a pro football team that made fans stand up and shout. Although you can follow the ties that bind back to 1960, I would argue the true birth of Broncomania was Oct. 16, 1977, when the undefeated Broncos traveled to Oakland and trounced the Raiders 30-7 — a victory punctuated by linebacker Tom Jackson loudly informing coach John Madden: “It’s all over, fat man!”


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