Waldrum targets deep run at World Cup, explains why Falcons are playing friendlies against top teams


The Super Falcons head coach, Randy Waldrum, has revealed the team’s expectations at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup and explained the reason behind the friendlies against top teams, reports Sportsration.

Last month, Nigeria played two friendlies against the number one ranked team, the US in different stadiums and lost both games.

Nigeria lost the first friendly 4-0 to the US but gave a better and improved display in the second game despite losing 2-1.

This month, in less than 20 hours, they will be playing another friendly against Japan, the 11th-ranked best team in the world.

Randy Waldrum during his pre-match briefing explained that the friendly will help him see where the team needs to improve and also test new players.

“This is my first time here in Japan, regarding the game tomorrow, you know, I have been a long admirer of Japan, we know they are a world power and we know what the match is going to bring.

“We know Japan is a very disciplined and organized team, one thing that has impressed me over the last few years is that they have maintained the quality of players they have always had.

“With the technical ability of the and the skill of the players, but now they have even evolved into having much stronger and physical players as well.

“We know the challenge is going to be difficult, but it is going to be a worthy experience for us in terms of preparing for the world cup.

“For us, we play these kinds of games against the best teams in the world because we know what it is going to be like for us at the world cup

“We just got back from the USA, playing two matches against the US, now we have come here to Japan tp play against one of the world’s best teams as well.

“So, we’ve got some young players here with us, I think it is one of those things we need to find out, where we are lacking and deficient and we know playing teams like Japan will expose us to the areas we need to improve on.

“I awlays believe you don’t get better if you don’t play against the best opposition, so that is one of the reasons we want to come here because we know the quality of the team here in Japan, and that will certainly prepare us for the teams we want to for the next 12 months.”

Waldrum also talked about the expectation of the team regarding the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

“As far as the world cup, our expectations are to make a deep run, get out of our group, you know we feel like we have the talents to do that, right now we just need time together with the team to prepare properly.”

The friendly game between the Super Falcons of Nigeria and Nadeshiko of Japan will be played at Noevir Stadium, Kobe, on Thursday at 8:25 am.


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