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With celebrity parents like Christina Milian and The-Dream, it’s no wonder Violet Madison Nash is already following in their footsteps! The 12-year-old has already appeared with her mom at red carpet events and other celebrity functions.

Judging by her parents’ successful careers, it seems Violet is destined for greatness! Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing her on the big screen or stage someday soon.

Who is Violet Madison Nash?

Violet Madison Nash

Christina Milian gave birth to Violet Madison Nash in 2010 from her relationship with Violet’s dad Terius Youngdell Nash and raised her in Los Angeles, California.

Christina Milian’s daughter Violet has her own Instagram account, and it seems like she loves taking a photo or two. Violet’s Instagram username is @violetmadison, and she often posts about spending time with family, including three half-siblings from her dad’s first marriage and two brothers, thanks to mom!

Christina Milian is a famous personality who has gained popularity as an actress and singer. She owns a popular YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers, where violet madison nash also appears in some videos!

The two seem to enjoy creating entertaining videos for viewers like you. So let’s hope they keep doing what makes them great so we can see more fantastic work from this talented family soon enough!

Violet Madison Nash and her parents: Christina Milian and the-dream

Christina Milian and violet madison nash

Christine Flores, better known as Christina Milian, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She was born on September 26, 1981, in Jersey City, New Jersey, to Cuban parents Carmen and Don Flores. In her early life, When she was 13 years old, her family relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a famous American actress.

However, after 14 years of being married, her mom and dad legally separated.

Set for stardom

Eventually, it paid off! Christina signed with Murder Inc’s record label and landed roles in movies like “Be Cool” and “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” Her music career took off, and In 2004, she released her second studio album, “It’s About Time,” providing her first big hit reaching No.5 on the Billboard charts.

Christina is still making music and acting, and she loves every minute!


The-Dream and Violet Madison Nash

Violet Madison has a good bond with her dad, a musician, songwriter, and producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

He has written and produced songs for artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Usher, Jay-Z, and Kanye West.

Violet Madison Nash and her Parents divorce

The two began dating in 2009 and got married the following year. However, they filed for divorce just three months after Violet was born. Though their relationship didn’t work out, Christina and her ex-husband The-Dream have remained on good terms for the sake of their daughter violet madison.

Christina Milian’s Love Life

Christina began dating James Prince Jr in 2010. They reportedly dated for a while before they finally got engaged, but unfortunately, this relationship didn’t work out, and the two called off their engagement in June 2014.

Lil Wayne

Following her split from James Prince Jr, she attended The ESPYs with superstar rapper Lil Wayne with rumors circulating they were an item.

Christina Milian marries French singer-songwriter, Matt Pokora

Christina Milian and Matt Pokora

Christina is now a wife and mother of one girl, daughter violet madison nash, and two sons, Kenna and Isaiah. She settled down and is married to French singer-songwriter Matt Pokora. Christina shared the news of their second son in late April 2021 after their first son, born in 2020.

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