Uses of Sauna Belt – Does it actually work?


In this fast-paced lifestyle, we always tend to take shortcuts that save us time and provide efficient results. One such example is fat loss and weight loss. People tend to take weight loss pills, supplements and other several means to lose fat quickly. This is wrong as weight loss or fat loss entirely depends on your diet and physical exercises. But with severe manipulative marketing strategies companies tend to wash our brains and sell their product for faster results. One such example is the highly trending sauna belt.

The relationship between sauna belts and weight loss is controversial and has no scientifically proven facts. Infact, sauna belts work under the formula of tremendous sweating from a specific external part of your body to lose fat from that exact part. This doesn’t seem right as it has already been proven in several studies that it is never possible to lose fat from a specific part of your body without cutting your entire body fat. But in certain advertisements, it has been claimed that these sauna belts make you lose fat, ultimately making you look slimmer. 

Do sauna belts actually help you to lose fat from a specific part of the body?

Does exercising while wearing sauna belts help you to lose tummy fat?

Are the advertisements actually true?

What are the actual uses of sauna belts?

Does a sauna belt provide relief against back pains?

If you are looking for these answers, then you are at the right place as in this article we will be looking at the various claims made by sauna belt manufacturers and will be determining if they are true or not. 

What is a sauna belt and how does it work?

The term sauna generally indicates a therapeutic room that is intensely heated to provide relaxation, sweating and temporary relief from aches and pain. The sauna belt works under this same formula but has a twist to it. 

A sauna belt is basically a thermal belt made up of non-breathable materials that when wrapped around the desired part of the body causes intense sweating which ultimately claims to burn fat. Sometimes sauna belts are also used to provide relief against various muscle pains. Generally, sauna belts are wrapped around the belly to cause severe perspiration and are believed to lose fat from the belly while doing so. You just need to wrap the sauna belt around the part of the body and sit idle. And boom, you will burn fat. Possible, logically? Well, that’s what the brands claim. 

Various uses of Sauna belt – What advertisers claim?

Burns fat 

sauna belt burn fat

A sauna belt has been advertised in the market to quickly lose extra fat from a specified part of your body (belly fat, butt fat) making you get back in shape. A sauna belt is believed to make you lose fat through the process of sweating. 

Helps in weight loss

lose weight by sauna belt

Although, it is not clear whether a sauna belt helps in weight loss, but various users claim that they have experienced a loss in weight by using such belts while exercising. Well, they are not sure if the sauna belt helped them or if is it the regular exercise that helped them. 

Provides relief against pain

may reduce pain

Uh..yea, this could be possible as sauna belts work just like how sauna rooms work. Sauna belts produce a lot of heat in the certain area where you are wrapping the belt. We all know heat can reduce pain and inflammation temporarily. Heat when applied to muscles, allows proper blood flow ultimately making your muscles flexible. So yes, this could be a valid point. 

Fast and easy 

easier than exercises

This is the sole reason why sauna belts became so popular. They targeted the problems of a fast-paced lifestyle. Almost everyone in this generation is searching for easy and fast methods to accomplish something. Sauna belts are very easy to use, save time and most importantly you don’t need to work out. 

May improve your overall posture

maintains proper posture

In our daily life, we work on a regular basis by sitting at a computer table or at a desk. This gradually results in bad posture and sometimes a hunchback. So wearing a sauna belt while working will keep your posture straight. 

The actual facts behind sauna belts (scientific facts)

Not scientifically proven 

Although various users have claimed to experience belly fat loss after using sauna belts, there are no proper evidence and scientific facts behind such results. Most importantly, if we even go by user reviews there are more negative reviews related to sauna belts than positive ones. 

Fat loss of a specific part

The sauna belt claims to burn fat from a specific part of the body when wrapped around it for 10-20 minutes. This is absolutely rubbish as various research and studies have already proved the fact that it is never possible to lose fat from a specific part of the body without burning the overall fat of the body. The same is the case with weight. It is never possible to lose weight from a specific part of the body, without decreasing your total weight. 

Sweating can help you look slim temporarily but never on a permanent basis

The core mantra of the sauna belt is that it produces immense heat on the part of your body where you have wrapped it. The immense heating causes sweating in that part and this results in a reduction of water weight. So temporarily, reduced water weight can make you feel that you have lost weight. In order to lose fat, one needs to provide an impact on the fat cells of the body. Unfortunately, sweating has no effect on fat cells. Either you have to consume a low-calorie diet or you have to do intense physical exercises on a regular basis to provide impact on the fat cells. So yea, sauna belts can never help you with weight loss or fat loss. 


So always be aware of the several marketing strategies taken by companies to promote a product. They are extremely misleading and sometimes do not have any scientific facts behind them. As a consumer or buyer you should be looking at scientific pieces of evidence behind the efficacy of the product. And always remember shortcut seems fairly easy but trust me it never lasts long. Moreover, sauna belts are reported to have certain side effects including burning of skin due to overheating, dehydration problems cause to excessive perspiration, skin allergies due to usage of cheap sauna belts and the list goes on and on. So why even bother to use such things? Instead, if you really want to lose weight take the hard way. Focus on your diet, hire a nutritionist and perform high-intensity workouts on a regular basis. This will definitely help you to lose weight. Even if that’s not enough you can read motivational articles about celebs like Chrissy Metz, Priscilla block, and kelly doty who lost a lot of weight in a very short span of time. 


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