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Uplift Integrates Blockpas

Trust and security are two words that can never be overemphasized in the crypto world. It is always a welcome development when companies find innovative ways of improving both while making life easier for their customers. That’s exactly what Uplift has done.

Uplift has just announced a strategic partnership with Blockpass, a prominent compliance provider and expert in digital identity profile services. Among other important things, this partnership will make KYC (Know Your Customer) more secure and easier for users.

KYC and Crypto Security

Considering how far the crypto industry has come, security is one of the most important factors to consider in any process. These days, digital identity verification is considered critical to a platform’s security. KYC processes are, therefore, super essential.

While KYC is often required in crypto platforms to ensure legitimacy and legal compliance, its major role is to promote security. In a nutshell, verification protects customers and providers alike against fraudulent access and use of financial applications.

What Blockpass Offers

Verifying identity multiple times can be tiresome. There is also some element of risk when customers have to send their personal identification documents to multiple entities. Blockpass eliminates these problems through its innovative one-click compliance gateway.

With Blockpass, users can easily create, store and manage their digital identity in the most secure manner. After creating a Blockpass On-chain KYC, users can use the same digital identity across an entire ecosystem of services without verifying multiple times.

Speaking about the partnership with Blockpass, Uplift’s Growth Lead, Irina Berezina, said:

At Uplift, the protection of our community is of the utmost importance, which is why we are pleased to be partnering with Blockpass to offer our users their best-in-class KYC services.”

New Class of Verified Crypto Investors

Besides offering top-of-the-class KYC services to Uplift’s users, Blockpass will be bringing something more to the crypto space. The partnership will offer its users access to Uplift’s IDOs (Initial DEX Offering).

Blockpass users who are yet to adopt cryptocurrency will get first-class opportunities to invest profitably. The implication is that we are bound to see a new crop of already-verified investors come into the crypto space via Uplift’s IDOs.

Speaking about the partnership and the obvious opportunities, Blockpass CEO, Adam Vaziri, said:

IDOs have already started proving their importance and we’ve seen just how crucial companies like Uplift are supporting and accelerating good projects into the blockchain ecosystem. We’re particularly glad to see Uplift’s commitment to safety and security of its users, not just with Blockpass’ solutions but with its own investor insurance methods and fairness checks in place.” 


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