Two Musketeers swashbuckle, leaving out the third


Dear Amy: I lived in a place with my two best friends as roommates.

We were the Three Musketeers. Then my two roommates started getting together.

Once they started doing their thing, I felt like they completely dropped me, and suddenly, I was living in a house where I almost felt like a stranger.

They eventually moved out. They don’t seem to understand why I’m upset about my two best friends completely disregarding me.

They had each other, and I was alone.

I still care about them, but I can’t get them to understand why I felt so hurt.

We’re on very uneven terms right now.

Any suggestions?

— Missing My Homies

Dear Missing: If two points of a relationship triangle form an alliance, the other point is left hanging, isolated on the isosceles.

Unfortunately, many times even a beautiful and close friendship triangle is no match for the pull of attraction and exclusivity when two people couple-up and form their own little bubble.


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