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SimpleFX trading platform just launched new trading tokens. From now on, you can easily deposit, withdraw and convert five additional cryptocurrencies to the SimpleFX Trading Platform. Meet your new ERC20 crypto companions: MANA, OKB, SAND, CRO, and FTT.

On the occasion of expanding the family of symbols, SimpleFX has a special offer: 5 New Tokens Deposit Bonus. Keep in mind: each Client can receive multiple Bonuses for each LIVE MANA, OKB, SAND, CRO, or FTT account!

The reward size depends on the amount of the deposit made to the SimpleFX account:

  • $ 30 for a deposit higher than $ 100
  • $ 70 for a deposit higher than $ 250
  • $ 100 for a deposit higher than $ 350
  • $ 150 for a deposit higher than $ 500
  • $ 200 for a deposit higher than $ 650

How to Get a Bonus?

To receive the Bonus, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The reward will be triggered by each deposit made to each SimpleFX LIVE MANA, OKB, SAND, CRO, or FTT account.
  • To earn a Bonus, traders must deposit the minimum amount required.
  • Deposit must be made between 08:00 AM UTC on November 8, 2022, and 23:59:59 PM UTC on November 20, 2022.
  • Promotion participants must remember not to withdraw funds from MANA, OKB, SAND, CRO, and FTT live accounts before receiving the Bonus!

The reward will be added to the Client’s live trading account within one day after 23:59:59 PM UTC on November 20, 2022. The same rules apply to the “5 New Tokens Deposit Bonus” as to the Terms & Conditions of the First Deposit Bonus.

Get Your New Tokens Deposit Bonus

About SimpleFX – The Best Crypto Trading Platform

SimpleFX is a crypto trading platform where you can invest online in many cryptocurrencies and trade Forex, commodities, and stocks of the largest public companies worldwide (Google, Amazon, Tesla, Facebook, Boeing, Volkswagen Group, and more).

Most importantly, the Platform offers leverage of up to 50x on stock and up to x5000 on Forex, which allows trading without risking the total amount of the contract size.

As the name suggests, the Platform is simple and user-friendly. Even beginner traders can quickly buy assets before they get expensive and sell them before they get cheaper. And benefit financially from all price movements. You can open over 50 accounts and fund each with a large first deposit.

By trading on SimpleFX WebTrader, you gain access to hundreds of financial instruments:

  • Forex pairs,
  • crude oil, natural gas,
  • precious metals,
  • tech companies stocks,
  • and a lot more!

The Platform has been around since 2014, even longer than Binance. As one of the first crypto trading platforms in the world, SimpleFX provided users with access to global markets with crypto and fiat accounts.

SimpleFX Crypto Trading Platform uses leading security technologies and procedures and user support. It stores cryptos in cold wallets and protects user accounts with two-factor authentication. Also, any new user can open a DEMO account in different currencies – it’s free! Remember that on the SimpleFX website, you can also find Live Chat Support.

Start trading with SimpleFX now.


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