Trade Jerry Jeudy. Keep Bradley Chubb.


Broncos receiver Jerry Jeudy can’t catch a cold, he won’t re-sign here when he can become a free agent and wants to play in warm weather. I would trade him and a seventh-round draft choice just to get him off Denver’s roster.

Addy, has seen enough

Kiz: When Jeudy is good, he’s very, very good. Pro Bowl good. But when Jeudy is bad, he’s not only horrid, but gives the impression he would rather be anywhere except Denver. It’s hard to be a core guy if you’re lukewarm about our dusty old cowtown. If general manager George Paton can get two draft picks for Jeudy, I say trade him. And keep outside linebacker Bradley Chubb.

Keep a linebacker who is going to hit free agency and not be inclined to return to this dumpster fire in Denver? No thanks! Get what you can for Chubb and let him go earn his big money elsewhere.

T.W.Z., cleaning house

Kiz: There are otherwise reasonable Broncomaniacs who refuse to forgive Chubb for not being quarterback Josh Allen. If you can’t let go of that grudge, hold it for John Elway, who drafted Chubb over Allen. My thought: The one redeeming aspect of this Denver team is its strong defense. Why dismantle it?

The idea of trading Chubb, Jeudy, receiver KJ Hamler or tight end Albert Okwuegbunam seems more like an emotional reaction to a 2-5 record instead of a strategic decision. NFL teams are calling Denver because they know the talent is there. Perhaps the head coach and offensive coordinator have not maximized that talent and should be replaced before the players. What’s the point of signing quarterback Russell Wilson to a lengthy contract extension, only to start a rebuild three months later?

James, calm amid chaos

Kiz: If Russ can no longer cook, the Broncos are done like dinner. And not only this season. If Wilson is washed up, the Broncos are likely doomed to be stuck in the losers loop for years to come.

Trade coach Nathaniel Hackett for a jacket. Also trade the high-steeping, let’s ride quarterback and get back our draft picks. This new direction didn’t work and will not work. Focus on tomorrow.

Cliff, West Palm Beach, Fla.

Kiz: After talking in recent days to Paton and new CEO Greg Penner, it’s obvious Hackett is on the hot seat. But I also get the feeling Penner and Paton are not prone to hasty decisions. I’m guessing the Broncos will wait until the end of this season before making any final judgment on whether Hackett should be back as coach in 2023.

Trade the entire Denver roster to London as an expansion team and let the Broncos get a do-over with a fresh start.

Mac, Scottsdale, Ariz.


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