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The emergence of NFTs changed the digital art space. Over the past few months, thousands of NFTs have launched, and millions have sold. NFTs have revolutionized the art space, making it a profitable venture. Art pieces are worth more now and can be owned by anyone. But do you know what emerging NFT drops to follow right now? 

We’ll tell you. 

This piece will discuss the top three recent NFT drops to follow.  

Julien Durix’s Genesis NFT Drop 

Julien Durix is a famous artist whose past works have found their way into some of the most prestigious art galleries worldwide. With over 500 pieces created and released, Julien has earned himself a seat at the table of some highly-rated living artists globally. 

Titled “Like A Brush,” his first digital art collection will be deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain. These NFTs are a product of Julien Durix’s first and most iconic original sculpture,This is more than just an NFT drop; it is a project that will bridge the gap between the physical and virtual artistic universes. 

Julien Durix introduces the novel concept of “progressive burn,” This new concept will allow you, the holder, to exchange your NFTs for a genuinely exclusive physical artwork. The idea of progressive burn entails that the value of the artwork to be received will increase upon each burn window.

Julien has also partnered with former NBA star Anthony Parker Jr. 

111 NFTs will be created in the former San Antonio Spurs point guard’s image, and proceeds will go to his charity. You can get these NFTs by minting on the launch date or buying from the secondary market. Follow Julien Durix  and his NFT project Like A Brush to stay abreast of all that’s about to happen and get ready to cop one of the most anticipated NFTs of 2022. 

Battle Infinity NFT Drop 

Arguably one of the most anticipated 13 NFT drops of the year, Battle Infinity is a Metaverse-based gaming platform that offers various play-to-earn [P2E] elements. 

Based on the Binance Smart Chain [BSC], Battle Infinity recently concluded its presale. One of the many reasons this exciting P2E game appears on this list is the presence of compelling, intuitive, and immersive gameplay. It is a sports game anyone can play. Unlike existing Metaverse and NFT games, Battle Infinity integrates NFTs as core parts of the game. 

This upcoming NFT drop and P2E game will allow you to seamlessly trade NFTs and other in-game assets with players. That’s not all; Battle Infinity structures each player and NFTs, thus promising actual ownership. You can get this NFT by following the Battle Infinity team on social media. 

Awesome Possums 

Mental health has become a favorite topic, and rightly so. Unlike other upcoming NFTs, Awesome Possums focuses on reshaping the mental health journey by providing needed support to users. 

Scheduled to drop next month, Awesome Possums features 12,000 NFTs at a mint price of 0.08 ETH. However, you can get these NFTs considerably cheaper during the pre-sale. According to the team, a large portion of proceeds generated will go to charity organizations playing a massive role in the mental health industry. 

Awesome Possums is community-focused and aims to contribute to the world by providing necessary support to mental health patients. Like the Julien Durix NFTs, Awesome Possums are based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Holders will stay invested in the project’s vision through an incentive system—The Road. You can learn more about this upcoming NFT by following them on social media. 

These are the best recent NFT drops to follow in 2022. While they all have clear visions and aim to share a percentage of their proceeds with charity, Julien Durix’s unprecedented drop ranks higher as the one you should look out for more. 


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