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The crypto industry is known for its breakneck pace and successful projects that last only a few months. Decentralized finance projects tend to have even shorter life spans, with the vast majority surviving for only a few weeks. This highlights the amazing milestone that DeFi project Titano has accomplished by reaching its first anniversary. In celebration of this event, we analyze the goals accomplished by the protocol, the milestones Titano has celebrated along the way, and what is coming next.

 In November 2021 we were at the tail end of one of crypto’s biggest bull runs. Bitcoin was sitting at around $60,000, Ethereum was at $4,000, and several new DeFi projects were launching daily for investors eager to capitalize on the promise of incredible yields.

 Titano Finance launched on November 17, 2021, as the first auto-staking and auto-compounding fixed high APY protocol. It was a small project focused on innovation and investor benefits that aimed to revolutionize DeFi. As the word spread about Titano, it underwent a huge price appreciation and obtained one of the fastest-growing communities in DeFi. Marketing kicked in, and soon some of the top crypto YouTubers began posting videos about Titano. Shortly afterwards, Titano became the hottest project in the DeFi space. 

 Titano knew its continued success depended on building an ecosystem with use cases that generate revenue and attract new holders. Titano PLAY was its first utility. PLAY created a way to lock up users’ tokens and earn a lower yield for the potential of winning a large prize. The raffle-type contest received widespread publicity, with the first grand prize of $67,479.66 split between three winners. With more than 27,000 Titano holders then, investor confidence continued to grow. The second drawing of PLAY attracted even more participating holders. The grand prize of $196,529.68 was split between 10 winners.

On February 12, 2022, Titano officially crossed a market cap of $100 million with more than 40,000 unique holders. This was a testament to the power of the protocol and the Titano team. Copycats of the project began to appear constantly, bringing even more attention to the successful endeavour. And in late March of 2022, Titano was able to achieve a market cap of over $200 million and more than 65,000 holders in the community. Titano’s token price would eventually hit a high of $0.2, its market cap would reach more than $250M, and Titano token holders would pass 83,000.

 In April 2022 Titano hit more key milestones with the completion of their Certik audit and the launch of Titano V2 token. They also engaged Certik Skynet, allowing constant monitoring of the Titano contracts. 

On April 23, 2022, the events mentioned above were followed by the launch of SWYCH, a decentralized exchange. SWYCH enabled Titano to begin shifting from being the top auto-staking and auto-compounding protocol to building an entire ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain, which would benefit Titano holders and other protocols. 

During that stage Titano continued to build its ecosystem, seeking strategic partnerships to strengthen it. On May 18, 2022, there was the first major partnership with BetSwirl, a blockchain gaming company dealing with simple games that create revenue and deflation for Titano. Titano also launched the Titano Lottery on June 6, 2022. Like in a traditional lottery game, Titans purchase tickets with random 8-digit combinations. Those with winning numbers get prizes from Titano. 

Titano’s next major innovation was the T.S.P. or Titano Stable Pool, that offers Titano holders the ability to stake their $TITANO tokens for rewards in $BUSD tokens. Yields are paid based on SWYCH daily volume. This was another move towards $TITANO becoming a deflationary token with further utility to all holders. Speaking of utility, on September 23, 2022, Titano launched its first game, Last Block. Last Block is a tactical DeFi game where you try and hold the last block when the timer goes off. If you manage to do that, you win a large cash prize. After the first game the winner got 374 million $TITANO which valued over $60K.

Recently, Titano has upgraded SWYCH with a new set of features and positioning including a launchpad and an incubator. In true Titano fashion, the SWYCH DEX seeks to innovate the DEX industry by becoming the first active decentralized exchange. SWYCH works with projects’ listings to help them achieve long-term success. This approach also applies to its launchpad and incubator services. Titano also burns each project’s native tokens and provides the lowest fees in the business. The result is a DEX that rewrites the expectations of project developers. 

Initially, it was inevitable that a high-quality project would be the first to launch on the SWYCH DEX launchpad. That was Uniqo, an innovative DeFi project that introduced its ‘Rebound’ token. Being partners with Uniqo, Titano incubated and supported the project throughout the process. The package included advice on the project’s setup, managing the marketing activities and even providing $1 million in $BUSD for Uniqo’s launch on SWYCH. This high amount of liquidity assists with the price support of the token and reduces price volatility. The launch was flawless, and the Uniqo token had a 4x price appreciation during the first week. The Titano team is currently vetting and creating several other projects for launch on SWYCH in the very near future.

In celebration of Titano’s first anniversary, the project burned 10% of the total token supply, which amounted to 11 billion tokens worth $950K. This decision demonstrated the team’s commitment to long-term growth and sustainability. But this is just the beginning. With new use cases and after the next stage in SWYCH development, even larger burns and more revenue creation options will be possible and available. 

Titano has accomplished a lot during its first year. New challenges always follow every success, and Titano has undoubtedly had its share. There have been hacks and coordinated FUD around the project, but what has remained consistent is Titano’s constant focus on growth, innovation, and its community that is certainly one of the most loyal and supportive in DeFi. 

Over the past 4 months, the crypto market has been in decline, creating challenges for all the related projects. Nearly every token has undergone steep depreciation. Although times are tough, most experts agree that an even bigger bull market will follow this bear market. Smart projects take advantage of these times, and Titano continues to build up and create real utility options that will benefit holders in the nearest future. 

Not many projects can survive a year in the crypto-space, especially given the recent market conditions. Titano’s team is determined to continue developing its ecosystem and is committed to ensuring both Swych and Titano will become a cornerstone of DeFi for years to come.


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