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I’m ticked off that someone would be so insensitive as to be bothered by someone’s memorial. There must be someone in this world who you truly care for with your cold arrogant heart. Let’s see how you feel when you lose them and if eight months is long enough for you to get over it. Just be thankful it’s not your name on the little cross and leave people alone and let them do whatever they need to do to deal with their loss.

I’m ticked off that weather reports on TV or in the paper only give one option for Orlando weather and that is at the Orlando Airport! Why can’t there by a second weather report for the Orlando general area? The weather at the airport is never the same! For example, after big thunderstorms and lots of rain yesterday, the weather report said, “Trace of rain.”

I’m ticked off Winter Park Utilities no longer takes automated phone payments. It was the easiest and most convenient way to pay. You just took a step backward.

I’m ticked off at the Orlando Magic spending $75 million on that palatial training facility. Why didn’t they tone it down and spend half that amount and get some decent players with the rest? I guess the rebuilding program got sidetracked.

To the driver worried about headlights and rain. People had the freedom to turn their lights on when they chose to years ago. We all survived without the nanny state’s help.

I’m ticked off that Ocoee officials seem to enjoy cutting down all our trees and destroying wildlife habitat. We need to stop this!

The flip side

I want to compliment everyone who works at Chick-fil-A. The food is awesome and prepared just right always, and all the help have been trained to be so courteous and have always prepared our orders right. It is a pleasure for us to go there and know that we come home with what we ordered.



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