The most cringe-worthy entrances on Gabby and Rachel’s season premiere


(If you haven’t seen the episode yet, stop reading now to prevent spoilers.)

The 19th season of “The Bachelorette” premiered Monday, kicking off the unprecedented situation in which two leading ladies get to date one group of 32 men all the way to a potential engagement. That includes Denver’s own Gabby Windey, who was all smiles and hair extensions as she and co-Bachelorette Rachel Recchia stood out front of the Bachelor Mansion waiting for their suitors to arrive.

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For the uninitiated, night one is all about making an impression when you step out of the limo — however great or terrible it may be. And because this season features the largest number of contestants ever to start, cringey entrances were also at an all-time high.

I’m talking about men who showed up juggling and doing magic tricks, and with a children’s choir singing about former “Bachelor” contestant Clayton Echard, who dated both of the Bachelorettes. One got out of the limo in a blue spandex body sack for a rather lackluster reveal, while another stepped out barefoot for some unknown reason. One dude even called the women by the wrong names — yikes!

Some of the most memorable entrances included an oiled-up and shirtless blond arriving on horseback like a fantasy out of a romantic novel.  “I’m only here for a happy ending,” he promised with a wink. Another self-proclaimed “meatball enthusiast” showed up with a meatball sub big enough to deserve its own limo, earning a compliment about his “balls” from our local lady.

Once everyone arrived, things got interesting. Windey and Recchia didn’t appear to have a strategy in talking to the men, but probably should have. After a couple of awkward conversations with men as a duo, the women broke off to talk to others individually.

Windey seemed to vibe with certain men more than others. Ryan the Bostonian, for example, made her laugh a lot, and Mario, a personal trainer from Illinois, landed the first kiss of the season.

Two dudes achieved the admirable feat of chatting up both women before the night ended. Logan, a professional videographer who arrived with two baby chicks so he could practice hanging out with two cute chicks at once (eye-roll), was one of them. The other was Erich, a real estate analyst from New Jersey and one of the few guys in the franchise who has facial hair. Erich made a positive impression on both ladies, even laying a kiss on Windey (but not Recchia).

Still, neither earned a first impression rose. Instead, Windey gave hers to Mario because he “led with good questions” and was “so sweet and genuine.” Recchia gave hers to Tino, a general contractor who drove up to the mansion on a forklift with the line “you’re both forking gorgeous.”

Denver's Gabby Windey gave Mario, a ...

Provided by ABC/Craig Sjodin

Denver’s Gabby Windey gave Mario, a personal trainer fromIllinois, the first impression rose during “The Bachelorette” premiere after he landed the first kiss of the season.

With limited time and seemingly endless men, both Windey and Recchia decided to cancel the first rose ceremony instead of trying to pick suitors who they hadn’t spoken to yet. And being that this is an unprecedented format for the show, anything goes.

Instead, Windey and Recchia sent home the aforementioned magician and a set of twins with whom they just felt it wasn’t going to work out. (If I had to guess, it’s because the twins were identical, went to school together, were roommates and said they did everything together, including trying to date the Bachelorettes at the same time.) Everyone else got a free ride into the next round.

So far, it seemed so smooth for the co-stars in not stepping on each other’s toes. But the previews don’t bode well for a seamless journey. Both Windey and Recchia admitted it’s likely unavoidable that they’ll be attracted to the same dudes — and the contestants seemed to be trying to figure out which woman they should go for, too.

“I can see how this is going to get complicated really quickly,” Erich said after meeting both Bachelorettes — and Bachelor Nation did, too. Here’s hoping the cringe from Episode 1 doesn’t percolate throughout the whole season and that we have enough wine on hand to help when it inevitably does.

See y’all next Monday at 7 p.m. MST on ABC.


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