The Best Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom


Much needed bathroom improvements can get put off. Some may worry about the cost of improving their bathroom, others worry about tampering with the complexities of water and pipes.

However, home improvements can leave you wondering why you didn’t do them sooner, making your routine so much easier, preventing or fixing damage and even saving money. 

Don’t let doubt stop you – so long as you get a trusted expert on the job, or you know what you’re doing if DIYing. There are more reasons to remodel your bathroom than you thought, so here are some of the best…

When Is A Good Time To Remodel?

Spring and summer holidays may be a good time if you’ve got some annual leave or if you have children. With no school, mornings and bathrooms won’t be as hectic. Everyone has different commitments and schedules though.

Winter can be a good time to buy supplies, if you plan on doing a lot yourself, as there are usually sales at this time of year. It doesn’t mean you’ll have to renovate now, but you could get a good deal on things if you have the space to store it for a bit. 

Winter can get busy as many people try to get projects finished in time for the Christmas season. So it may be best to wait until after this period. Remodels can take weeks so make sure you time it so it doesn’t interfere with any upcoming events.

Cost of Remodelling

The cost depends on how in-depth your remodel is really going to be. If you’ll be changing things like the lights and electrics as well, it’ll bump up costs as you’ll need an extra tradesperson to do the wiring if not doing it yourself. 

If you are doing most things yourself this may bring the cost down. The average cost for a full bathroom renovation is around £7,000. But can be as low as £3,000 – £4,0000.

Reasons to Remodel – Prevent and Fix Damage

Perhaps your bathroom needs an update in order to fix damage, it’s as good an excuse as any to go straight to an upgrade over a repair. Maybe there’s a hint of a problem and a complete overhaul will prevent any future issue getting worse.

Though it might not always be at an ideal time, a plumbing emergency may be the best inspiration to start planning for a remodel. Giving the bathroom an overhaul could prevent these issues in the future.

If you do run into a plumbing disaster such as a leak, don’t hesitate to search emergency plumber near me online and get one out immediately. Leaks can cause a lot of damage and cost a lot of money if left unfixed for a long period of time. You could be facing damage to floorboards, ceilings and any surrounding furnishing.

Better Function

Fed up with having to get the hot and cold balance just right at an almost mathematically precise level? With an updated suite, showers and sinks will get water flowing better and at the right temperature much easier. Even just getting a new shower head or new taps can make a big difference.

If it’s been a few years since your last refresh of the facilities, you’ll definitely notice the benefits that an updated toilet will have as it will flush quicker and quieter.

Save Energy and Money

With the improved function of bathroom upgrades, you’ll be able to use water and heated water much more efficiently. No longer will you have to run the shower for a bit whilst it heats up, plus you’ll save on water usage, handy if your bill is on a meter. Newer facilities in general will be designed to be more efficient and less wasteful, making sure you get the most out of your plumbing. 

Increasing The Value of Your House

Along with kitchens, bathrooms are one of the main rooms that sell a house. It’s easy to understand why these two are so important, potential buyers will assess the plumbing – and any problems. 

If you plan on selling in the future, a remodel will give you a boost. It’s definitely a worthy investment that will save money in the long run. 


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