The best marketing tool for your marketing agency


In order for your marketing agency to achieve its goals and strive for new growth, you need to be running at the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency for your clients.

The key to this is to implement the right marketing tools into your agency, and call tracking software is by far the best.

In this article, you’ll learn what call tracking software is and why it’s the best choice for your marketing agency.

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What is call tracking software?

Call tracking software lets you gather a range of data surrounding your clients’ customer calls, as well as analyse various aspects of customer engagement throughout their marketing.

Call tracking provides extensive data on customer calls, including:

  • Call ring duration
  • The movements of each visitor from a marketing source to a call
  • Calls via your landing pages
  • The revenue expected from each caller

Your call tracking software will also provide you with detailed insights and reports that offer analytics for customer engagement throughout your clients’ businesses.

With this data at hand, you can easily construct customer journey maps for all your clients, which will outline the exact journeys that all their customers take throughout their marketing, including every channel and campaign.

You will also see the various touchpoints that each customer visits before, during, and after they call your client, as well as those visited by customers who don’t call.

This will give you a complete overview of engagement across each of your client’s businesses, and give you a clear view of their marketing performance. Therefore, you’ll know which areas of their marketing are driving the highest number of leads and sales.

Why is call tracking the best marketing tool for your agency?

There’s a vast range of reasons why call tracking is the best marketing tool for your agency, which include:

  • Increased engagement for your clients

Using call tracking software, you can significantly increase the levels of engagement across your clients’ marketing, and maximise the leads and sales they generate.

When dealing with a client’s marketing performance, you can use the detailed insights and reports from call tracking to establish which areas of their marketing are most successful in driving engagement.

In response, you can then assist your client in taking the successful elements of their current marketing strategies, and replicating them in new marketing activities and campaigns.

This will ensure your clients’ marketing activities are primed for maximum engagement, where they continuously drive the highest level of leads and sales for their business.

  • Improving your clients’ return on investment

Another reason call tracking is the best tool for your marketing agency is that it can help you structure your clients’ marketing budgets, to boost their return on investment (ROI).

With the insights and reports from your call tracking software, you’ll be able to show your clients how each area of their marketing is performing, and establish which activities are of the most value to them – i.e., those delivering increased leads and sales.

This can help give your clients a more accurate and cost-efficient approach to their marketing budget, since they can withdraw any investments in activities which are underperforming.

Simultaneously, they can drive more of their budget into activities and campaigns which are of more value to their business.

As a result, you can help them develop a more optimal ROI from their marketing, and further increase their revenue.

For any marketing agency looking to significantly improve their service for clients, and create a stronger driving force for engagement in their businesses, call tracking is the right tool for you.


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