Teen runaway faces silence at home


Dear Amy: A few weeks ago, I ran away from home because I couldn’t get my way.

I wasn’t gone the whole day.

When I came back my mom felt disrespected because of what I had done.

Since then, she hasn’t talked to me because I never apologized.

She thinks that I should have apologized after the situation happened.

I understand this, and when I look back on what I did it was really dumb, but I wouldn’t say I like talking about it.

I really don’t want to continue our relationship as a family if there is no communication. Amy, will you please tell me what you think?

How can I make her talk to me again?

What should I do?

— Troubled Teen

Dear Teen: I want to point out that you and your mom have actually communicated. After you came home, she communicated that she felt disrespected and that she wanted an apology.


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