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Customers with cryptocurrencies are eager to use cryptocurrencies to make purchases online, send payments, and more. Businesses are equally as interested in capturing a portion of the crypto audience and establishing new revenue streams. However, there still remains a disconnect between companies and consumers.

Swapin and BitPay are two top solutions for businesses and individuals that connect cryptocurrencies with traditional finance. Here is how the two companies and their product and service lineups compare.

About Swapin

Swapin is a revolutionary service that aims to bridge the gap between the world of digital assets and the traditional financial sector. The user-friendly platform provides its users with a wide range of crypto-to-fiat solutions designed for both individuals and businesses.

The company also offers a solution for accepting crypto with automatic conversion to fiat without problems related to accounting, tax, and other financial compliance issues. Swapin tools for business open up the opportunity for companies to invoice for payment with digital assets. Online stores can also integrate a widget to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

About BitPay

BitPay builds powerful, enterprise-grade tools for crypto acceptance and spending. Bitpay business tools let companies accept cryptocurrencies, gain new users, and avoid the high costs and chargebacks notoriously associated with credit cards. BitPay provides payment buttons, a hosted checkout, and embeddable invoices for any website.

BitPay also lets companies bill customers via email and accept cryptocurrencies for conversion. There is even an NFT-focused tool for accepting cryptocurrencies in exchange for any NFTs you have created.

Swapin Vs. BitPay: For Businesses

Swapin offers two B2B tools primarily: CoinCollector and E-Com. By keeping it simple, businesses can focus on what matters: their customers and convenience. Using CoinCollector, companies can issue easy-to-use payment URLs with pre-filled information that makes paying for goods and services with crypto easier than it has ever been.

E-Com provides an even more user-friendly experience by letting companies accept crypto on its website using a plug-and-play e-commerce widget. All Swapin tools instantly convert the cryptocurrencies into EUR or GBP and move them to the connected corporate IBAN account, eliminating the business risk associated with cryptocurrencies.

BitPay offers similar solutions as Swapin. Online Payments lets businesses accept crypto on their website using a hosted checkout. Billing allows companies to receive coins via email, and BitPay Send makes sending crypto payments without holding crypto easy. The NFT product seems unnecessary when most artists list directly on apps like OpenSea.

Swapin Vs. BitPay: For Individuals

Swapin solutions for individuals include InstaPay, Predefined payments, and InstaFill. Soon, Swapin will introduce its InstaBuy crypto-purchasing tool offering fast access to top cryptocurrencies in a few clicks. InstaPay lets anyone send crypto to friends, family, and more, while Predefined payments use InstaPay in combination with templates to make recurring monthly payments for rent and other bills simple.

InstaFill is the most convenient way for any crypto holder to access cash quickly. InstaFill connects a bank account with a unique Swapin crypto wallet. Each time funds hit the crypto wallet, the digital assets are instantly converted into fiat and moved to the connected bank account for convenience. Businesses can also access InstaFill to access petty cash or leverage other Swapin B2C tools.

BitPay also offers several tools that let users spend their crypto assets in various ways. There is a card that turns crypto into cash, essentially acting as a debit card for crypto. There is also a wallet to secure and use crypto while on the go and a browser extension that lets users pay for items in crypto.

Conclusion: Swapin Vs. BitPay

Both brands are helping to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional finance. Each company has slightly different tools which achieve similar goals. Ultimately, which company is best comes down to convenience. Businesses can easily accept crypto using Swapin CoinCollector or on a website with the E-Com e-commerce widget. Individuals have even more tools at their disposal to access cash quickly and easily or make instant crypto-to-fiat payments.

Each company provides business customers and consumers with a high-quality suite of services and products. These solutions are helping to increase cryptocurrency adoption and bring new users to the technology.


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