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The year 2022 has been a resounding success for the Swapin brand. After the rebranding from PiixPay and the €1.88M funding round, the company sought out to expand across Europe and begin to deliver on important milestones from its roadmap.

With the year nearly over, we are looking back at all Swapin has released this year and highlighting what else from the company’s ambitious roadmap might be left for 2022.

What Is Swapin? A Crypto-To-Fiat Payments Leader

2022 was a pivotal year for Swapin. After the company’s rebranding, it has been nothing but an upward trajectory since. Crypto users are more actively seeking ways to convert their digital assets than ever before, and Swapin makes it easy and convenient.

Swapin solutions like InstaPay let crypto users make payments in crypto that are instantly converted into fiat currencies and deposited into the recipient’s bank account. InstaFill connects to a specific crypto wallet. Each time funds arrive at the crypto wallet, they are immediately converted into fiat currency and sent to the specified bank account. The entire transaction is seamless and smooth.

B2B services like E-Com and CoinCollector allow businesses to accept cryptocurrencies from users but avoid the risks of volatility and other issues associated with holding crypto. All business products immediately convert the crypto and move the fiat to a corporate IBAN account.

Swapin Solutions In 2022: A Recap

In 2022 alone, Swapin delivered upon many of its promises, as ambitious as they were. Most recently, the company implemented support for Web3 wallets like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and more. 

Bringing additional cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies to the platform was a top priority for Swapin in 2022, and they delivered support for DAI, BNB, and BUSD, plus added GBP so users can choose between the pound or euro.

Swapin established several meaningful partnerships with major brands like real estate giant RE/MAX. The company also delivered an updated, more streamlined Swapin app.

What Is Left In The Swapin Roadmap For 2022?

With only a month remaining in 2022, here is what could be left in store for crypto users, according to the company roadmap. Swapin’s roadmap went well into 2023; however, so many of these features could potentially be slated for later. 

Much of Swapin’s focus in the near future could be on expanding business solutions further. A partner widget is planned that will enable an on-ramp that allows clients with fiat to buy crypto, as well as an off-ramp solution for merchants and their clients to convert crypto profits from margin trading, NFTs, DeFi, Play-To-Earn, and more into cash. 

Swapin is developing InstaBuy, a fiat-to-crypto solution that allows users to buy top-listed cryptocurrencies with EUR and GBP. Swapin will also, at some point, introduce support for virtual IBAN accounts to truly bridge the gap between crypto payments and traditional finance on one platform.

Connect With Swapin Solutions Today

With more features added, Swapin is quickly becoming the most robust solution for individuals and businesses seeking to transact with cryptocurrencies safely. Swapin is a trusted and licensed company offering a wide range of B2B and B2C services aimed at bridging the gap between digital and traditional finance.

To get more information on Swapin, check out the Swapin app. You can also visit the official Swapin blog to get the fastest updates on when any new features are introduced.


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