Sunny and 70s ahead this week


This week looks to be a mild, sunny fall week, with high temperatures around the low to mid 70s most days and no sizeable rain chances.

Monday will start the week off mostly sunny with a high of 75 degrees.

Gusty winds that could reach up to 55 mph and dry conditions will lead to elevated fire conditions, but forecasters at the National Weather Service said the area should avoid critical conditions.

Tuesday will be mostly a repeat of Monday until a cold front moves in during the evening. The high Tuesday is 76 degrees, but the low is 41 degrees after the cold front moves in.

There is a slight chance of rain or storms Tuesday night as the front blows through.

After the front moves through, Wednesday will be slightly cooler, with a high of 73 degrees, then Thursday will have the coolest high temperature of the week at 67 degrees.

With low temperatures around 40 degrees both days, morning front or a light freeze is possible in the cooler air behind the cold front.

Another cold front will move through over the weekend, cooling off the area again with dry, breezy weather.


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