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The token sale session for STEED has already started on the P2PB2B exchange.

The tokens can be purchased until August 7th, along with joining the project’s community. The token sale will be followed by a listing on the P2PB2B exchange. Meanwhile, here’s a short description of the project.

STEED: What is it?

$STEED is the native token on the platform, and it’s what’s used for incentivisation, governance, and transactions. It’s an ERC-20 token with mint and deflationary features. To increase the token burn strategy’s value, a certain percentage of the token is removed from circulation to deflation.

What makes it unique?

It’s all about the features and whether users are attracted to their protocol’s liquidity. Basically, $STEED is a key to accessing features. Here are some benefits and utilities:

  • All stable token products will be available to platform members with $STEED tokens. It includes riding events, exhibitions, product purchases, etc.;
  • It lets platform users and community members transact;
  • $STEED token holders can participate in platform governance;
  • Rewards and incentives;
  • Horse farms and breeding stables in the $STEED metaverse;
  • Buying horses and stable stuff with NFT;
  • Riding games.

In $STEED, the development team has thought out several features to help holders, users, and community members get the most out of the benefits. $STEED’s main features are:

  1. NFT Marketplace. $STEED features an NFT marketplace where you can find, collect and trade NFTs of horses and stable items;
  2. STEEDtv Metaverse. Members and users can buy NFT horse farms and breeding stables in a metaverse, and then rear and breed their digital horses on the platform. Owners can also rent out or lease out their horse farms and breed stables while earning rent;
  3. Digital-Reality Experience. $STEED holders will have the chance to ride horses listed on the NFT Marketplace and to enjoy it to its fullest, will become characters in the race;
  4. Worldwide Horse Stations. $STEED aims to create horse stations all over the world as part of our long-term future projects. There will be real-life horse racing events across multiple locations so holders can ride horses. Ride4far, among others, will facilitate the stations.

Sounds interesting? Join the $STEED token sale now and participate in community life! Also, don’t forget to follow $STEED on social media:


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