Spa worker knows unethical owner is all wet


Dear Amy: I work for a small spa. Over the last eight years my family and the owners’ family have become friends.

We have young children who play together.

The business owner recently confided that he and his wife have been breaking the law by not paying employees an hourly minimum wage, in addition to time booked with clients.

This has been happening for several years, and I am legally owed $9,000 to $10,000 of back pay.

Although the owners made everything legit, they have made no mention of paying me this owed money.

The other employees are not aware that they are also owed money.

I spoke with a lawyer and although by law the money is owed to me, I will have to take the business to court — or try to settle.

I am so torn. I feel betrayed by my boss/ friend but sort of obligated to tell my coworkers. They are owed money, too.

I’m not sure I can even remain friends or work for this company anymore.

I have caught them lying to other employees.

Should I ask my bosses/friends for the cash?


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