Sour beer maker Black Project Wild and Spontaneous Ales has closed


Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales, which shook up the Denver beer scene when it began in 2016, has closed its doors, according to an Instagram post from owner James Howat.

The brewery, at 1290 S. Broadway, was born out of Former Future Brewing, which Howat and then-spouse Sarah Howat, had begun two years earlier. The two wanted to shift their priorities from a taproom serving a more conventional lineup of beers to one that only brewed beers fermented with wild yeast and bacteria found in Denver’s air — rather than commercial yeast.

Black Project was an immediate success, garnering acclaim not just in Colorado, where beer geeks would line up outside the brewery for every new release, but around the country and overseas. It also won awards and built a huge following among rabid fans. Other breweries in the city began experimenting with spontaneously fermented beers as well.


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