Son-in-law values softball over family


Dear Amy: I have come to the conclusion that my son-in-law is a bum.

My daughter gives birth, nurses her babies, works a full-time job, cooks, cleans, and shuttles the kids where they need to go.

He quit a job without finding a new job first, and has now been unemployed for months.

I thought it was bad when his only responsibility was his 9-to-5 job and he did nothing beyond that. Now he is unemployed, but now his only responsibility is his six softball leagues and the various corn hole tournaments he plays in during the evenings. He watches TV all day long.

He is mildly verbally abusive to me and my daughter. His favorite phase is that things are “not in his job description.”

Things like braces, cars and college were things I worked hard to provide my children with, but I guess he figures I will pay for his kids to have those things.

Or he doesn’t care at all.

It is ruining my relationship with my daughter and my grandchildren.

I still work and now am very resentful in regards to helping them with childcare and paying for extras like ballet classes, clothing and shoes, while he plays softball.

I guess I need therapy and a trust attorney to deal with these concerns.

Any advice?


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