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Solana (SOL) investors are now doom scrolling as 2022 has basically been a mess because of the fall of the crypto exchange FTX and outages on the blockchain. SOL price predictions are incredibly lower, setting traders for massive declines. Accordingly, The Hideaways (HDWY) could be the saving hero of disappointed Solana holders.

Solana (SOL) Poses No Sign Of Recovery

Solana (SOL) has suffered a loss of 58.10% in the 30-day timeline due to exposure to bankrupted FTX exchanges.

At press time, Solana is trading at $13.34 with zero signs of recovery. Analysts now recommend SOL holders immediately remove their assets and turn to profitable projects like The Hideaways (HDWY).

Uncertainties also linger on the performance of Solana (SOL) as a blockchain. Blocking nodes by large data servers, centralized storage, and prolonged system outages placed further distrust in the platform.

For instance, the Solana blockchain grappled with a major network outage because of a misconfiguration in a single node last month despite significant updates, making SOL the lousy investment of 2022.

Solana (SOL) Price Prediction Moves From Bad To Worse

The FTX implosion set Solana (SOL) technical indicators on a free fall, noting extreme selling pressure, especially on its weekly relative strength index.

The weekly RSI is worth mentioning as it sits at an all-time low. In addition, a further breakdown from the $13.00 area could trigger up to a 70% decrease to $4.00 support.

At the same time, Solana (SOL) recorded a sharp decline in development activity and negative weighted sentiment. This pessimistic outlook reflected the attitude towards declining Binance funding rates.

Correspondingly, Solana predictions formed a couple of lows, and the momentum has remained bearish, citing an average price estimate of $10.63 in 2023. This level is a long way from The Hideaways (HDWY), which is set to deliver up to 40x ROI next year.

The Hideaways (HDWY) Saves Solana (SOL) Traders From Bear Trap

Solana (SOL) now wrestles with the market’s negative sentiment toward its blockchain, translating SOL as a risky investment.

The Hideaways (HDWY) rises as the safe haven on market uncertainties, founded with real-world utility and token stability.

Rather than risk investing in Solana (SOL), traders should turn their assets to The Hideaways. The fresh venture made strides in the crypto space as the first project to allow holders to mint NFTs underpinned by high-tier real estate properties.

Leading analysts believed that The Hideaways (HDWY) could make everyone a fortune. Its small market capitalization of $45 million makes HDWY ready for massive growth. For as low as $0.10 per token, The Hideaways is the most economical token you should enter!





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