Social media brings a honey into the house – The Denver Post


Dear Amy: I was married for 46 years to a man who probably shouldn’t have been married at all. He was not affectionate, even during sex, cheated on me at least once, and when I asked why he married me, he said, “Because it was the thing to do.”

He passed away in 2021, disabled and bedridden. I was his sole caregiver for 10 years.

About four years ago, I casually friended a man on social media. We are both in our 60s. He has shared that he is in an unhappy marriage. He says he stays with her because there’s a slim chance he could come into some money.

His financial situation is bad, and he knows mine is.

He lives about three hours away.

We message several times a week. He started out calling me “hon” or “honey” and on occasion “sweetheart.”

He ends each message with a heart emoji.

He has told me that if he was financially stable, he’d race to meet me.

He mentioned recently that when he was between marriages, he’d met a woman online and had traveled to meet her.

That’s when a bell went off.

I have already made clear to him that I will not do to another woman what was done to me. He’s not going to divorce his wife. He still wants to meet up, but I have no desire to drive such a distance just for lunch, nor to have him come here.


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