Sisters’ divergent paths lead to judgment


Dear Amy: My older sister and I have taken different paths in life.

We are both college-educated and married.

I’m currently a stay-at-home mom of two; we’re fortunate that my husband’s income currently covers all our needs.

My sister doesn’t have children. She and her husband split shared costs (mortgage, utilities, etc.) and are responsible for individual costs (car insurance, hobbies, etc.)

About 10 years ago, my sister decided to become a full-time actress in our home city and do other jobs on the side to supplement her income.

One bonus is that her schedule usually allows her to help our aging parents.

The downside is that her income is not consistent and when her husband was out of work for a few months, finances got tight.

On a recent visit home, my father mentioned to me that he was considering funding an annuity so my sister would have something for retirement.

I’ve always accepted that my sister would likely inherit more than me as a means of thanking her for taking care of our parents.

I live five hours away, so I can’t help out as often. And I acknowledge that my parents can do whatever they wish with their money.

However, I am hurt that in the same conversation about providing for my sister, setting aside a bit of money for their granddaughters’ future education wasn’t mentioned.


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