Sibling has extreme wedding attendant anxiety


Dear Amy: My sibling has asked me to be a part of their wedding party.

I was shocked in a positive way.

I’ve never been asked to be part of a wedding party before. I love and respect my sibling immensely, even though we are not super close.

While I want to support them on their special day, I am getting anxious about standing up in front of people, and the wedding isn’t even until later next year.

Any presentations I had to give during school up until my master’s degree resulted in my face/body turning so red that I have been asked if I have a severe sunburn.

A beta blocker helped sometimes, but it wasn’t guaranteed.

I also have hyperhidrosis, where I can easily sweat through an entire outfit in a matter of minutes and be left with drenched clothing that people can see.

How do I break the news to my sibling that I want to do it, but I just don’t think I can handle it?

My anxiety not to be the center of attention has led to me and my fiancé planning a private wedding with just our young kids and parents attending.

My sibling does not even know this yet (the wedding date hasn’t been set), so should I break that news at the same time?

How can I say this so no feelings are hurt?


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