Should expectations be tempered with Heat summer roster? – The Denver Post


Q: No one on the Heat summer-league team looks like they even have potential to be a contributing NBA player. I’ll give Nikola Jovic a pass because he is so young, but he looks very slow. – Joel.

A: What matters most with Nikola Jovic is he recognizes that there is a different NBA speed, one he has to adjust to. More concerning would be if he said it is the same game as he experienced in Europe, and did not recognize what must come next. And that’s a significant first step, to accept that there will be a learning curve. When you draft a 19-year-old, patience has to be paramount. Some players, such as Tyler Herro can contribute at such an age. Others require time. It is way too soon to make judgements on Nikola. As for the rest of the Heat summer roster, it will get more intriguing once Omer Yurtseven and Marcus Garrett step into the mix in Las Vegas later this week.

Q: The Heat have extended the full $2.1 million qualifying offer to Caleb Martin to retain the right to match outside offers up to the full mid-level exception. Caleb’s twin brother Cody is already going to get a four-year, $32 million dollar deal from the Charlotte Hornets. Has there been outside interest from other teams for Caleb, notwithstanding that he made it clear that he wants to stay with the Heat and knowing that the Heat can match any such offer up to their full mid-level exception? If there are no outside offers anytime soon, what is the deadline for Caleb to accept or reject the $2.1 million offer from the Heat ? – Michael, North Miami Beach.

A: The next deadline with Caleb Martin will be July 13. That is the last day the Heat can withdraw their qualifying offer, something the Heat did a year ago with Kendrick Nunn. More than likely, the approach will remain patient. Mostly, it is highly unlikely the Heat go over the $6.5 million taxpayer mid-level to retain Caleb, since anything above would trigger the hard cap. That could change, and the $4 million bi-annual exception also could come into play, if he is patient enough to wait for the Heat to finish the rest of their offseason moves. But if a team sweeps in with their $10.5 million full mid-level, he likely would be gone.

Q: Stand pat, Pat Riley. I’d rather see Jimmy Butler and the young guns – Max Strus, Tyler Herro, Bam Adebayo and the rest – than bring in Kevin Durant, and his baggage. – Dale, Deerfield Beach.

A: And perhaps it turns out that way, and perhaps you are right. But Pat Riley is not going to summarily dismiss the prospect of Kevin Durant. And he shouldn’t. In this case, due diligence is mandatory.



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