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Serenity Shield, a decentralized crypto inheritance and digital asset wallet solution, has announced the launch of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of its StrongBox®, earlier this week. The MVP, which is already available on Serenity Shield’s website, aims to boost privacy solutions and provide secure digital asset wallet access in a bid to realize its vision of “security, privacy and digital rights for all”. According to the team’s statement, the test phase for its beta is already live with the marketable solution set to be launched and implemented in the near future to allow users to fully experience the StrongBox DApp. 

Rodolphe Seynat, Co-Founder of Serenity Shield, believes the “unique architecture” of the StrongBox MVP launch paves way for further growth of the crypto ecosystem, giving users a more secure, private and non-custodial platform to hold their assets. 

“The growth and worldwide adoption of digital assets and tokenization are imminent. We’re glad to be finally launching what we’ve worked so hard on,” Seynat said during the launch of StrongBox. “Our objective was simple: ensure all new and existing digital asset owners have access to an affordable, easy-to-use, and pioneering utility.”

By leveraging blockchain technology and privacy-as-a-design, the patent-pending StrongBox will allow users to secure access to their digital wallets, as well as store any data and other sensitive information. Apart from securing access to wallets and preserving sensitive information, StrongBox will allow users to restore their wallets in case of loss of access to their passwords or passkey phrases. Additionally, users can transfer the ownership through secure inheritance of this information to specifically elected successors, such as heirs, in the case of an accident or death of the user.

Launched in 2021, Serenity Shield, a cross-chain platform built on Solana, aims to encrypt users’ data and protect digital wallets from any unauthorized access. The platform leverages the Secret Network, a private smart contract blockchain, to offer users added privacy for their wallets and protection of any confidential information including passkey phrases and passwords. Users simply need to create their StrongBox by connecting Metamask, Phantom Wallet, and other accepted non-custodial wallets and follow the steps to start their privacy-enhanced journey.

As explained above, the platform uses a multichain offering to ensure the protection of all digital asset wallets and sensitive digitized information across all wallets, blockchains, and centralized exchanges. The solution is built to disrupt the current blockchain ecosystem, posing the platform as “a consolidator among all existing blockchain solutions”, the statement further reads.

The StrongBox solution also offers a solution for retail customers and corporate and financial institutions, the latter having a tailored solution for them. This aims to bridge the gap between the classical financial world and the crypto world based on blockchain for insurance companies or corporations willing to enter the digital space. Following the launch of its main product, Serenity Shield will launch a private sale and a public token sale (ICO) to give the company a stronger foothold in the blockchain space.


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