Sedalia ranch land redevelops into luxury housing projects


Tiny Sedalia is poised to get bigger. The Douglas County town of 200 will expand and stretch towards Castle Rock as two nearby ranch properties redevelop into luxury housing.

“We’re seeing a blending of the historical old west Colorado with new, modern living,” says Inger Hiller, a real estate agent with 8z.

“That particular area offers beautiful western views. It has that quintessential Colorado feel.”

Hiller says the Sedalia area appeals to people who want larger homes with more space, especially families with middle- and high-school-age children. It’s also attractive to people who work from home or retirees.

“It can appeal to anyone,” she says. “There’s easy access to U.S. 85 to get into Littleton and Denver. There’s also the appeal of having more space near Castle Rock, which is growing rapidly and adding new amenities.”

The Keep

The Keep is a new gated luxury home community of 64 environmentally-friendly plots. The development sits on 1,100 acres of rolling plains and wildflower meadows, was formerly a cattle ranch, and promises Front Range views and privacy.

Phase I has already sold out, and Phase II is underway. Every property sale helps support the Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation’s goal to sustain the land and gives homeowners exclusive access.


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