Scarlett Johansson launches her own skincare brand


Scarlett Johansson is partnering with entrepreneur Kate Foster to launch her skincare brand, The Outset, which will sell on March 1st.

The first promotional photos with Scarlett herself as a model have already appeared on the official Instagram account of the brand.

Scarlett Johansson launches her own skincare brand The Outset
Scarlett Johansson launches her own skincare brand The Outset/ Instagram

Under one of the photos, which shows only the famous lips of the actress, Johansson’s husband, comedian Colin Jost, left his joking comment:

@colinjost: “Is this the best way to contact you? I’m starting a similar brand called “Part of a Face” and would love to use this photo. Thanks.”

Recall that the couple had their first common child last summer. Scarlett also has a daughter, Rose Dorothy, with ex-husband Romain Dauriac.

Co-founder of the brand Kate Foster on her Instagram told about her acquaintance with Johansson:

@kate_theoutset: “… We met via mutual connections in the beauty industry two years ago. When Scarlett shared her vision for a reliable, everyday skin system that was clean, elevated, and as effortless as slipping on your favorite white tee, I was hooked. Within minutes, I was thinking about how we could build it. Through a global pandemic and supply chain disruptions, somehow we’re here, about to launch this brand in our own way, with a lot of heart and intention. Scarlett and I are both social media novices, and yet, we’re excited about showing up on our platform @theoutset to create conversations around a democratic approach to beauty that doesn’t discriminate by gender or generation…”

Scarlett previously admitted that she has been creating her cosmetic brand for a long time.

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